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Moving from a Pass in Math to a D1

Moving from a Pass in Math to a D1

Do the assigned homework for your class. Your math teacher will likely assign homework on a regular basis that is meant to help prepare you for tests. Make sure that you always do the homework, even if it is optional or not worth many points. Doing this extra work will help to prepare you for the tests, which will help you pass the class.[1]
Complete extra problems if you are having trouble with a concept. For example, if your teacher assigns all of the even problems at the end of the chapter, do the evens and the odds.
Your textbook may have a section in the back where you can check your answers. If it does, use it to see how you are doing.
Write out the required formula for each problem as you do the homework. This will make it easier for you to remember it when you take a test.[2]

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